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Welcome to Dubai Squash Coaching, the leading squash coaching service in Dubai, dedicated to helping you reach your full potential on the court. As the head coach, Saad Shahid brings his extensive experience and expertise to provide personalized training tailored to your individual needs, as the Former World Number 2 in Under 19s, with over 8 years of coaching experience in UAE.

Our squash coaching programs are designed to enhance your game and take you to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the fundamentals or an experienced player aiming to refine your skills, our comprehensive services cater to players of all levels.

With a focus on technique, tactics, physical conditioning, and mental preparation, we offer a holistic approach to squash coaching, providing valuable insights, strategies, and personalized training plans to help you excel in every aspect of the game.

At Dubai Squash Coaching, we understand the importance of convenience and flexibility. That’s why we offer coaching sessions at your preferred location, whether it’s a club, hotel, or even your own court at your building or villa. We believe that practicing in an environment that suits you best enhances your comfort and focus, resulting in better performance.

Contact Dubai Squash Coaching today to schedule your first lesson and let’s take your squash game to new heights and achieve your goals on the court.

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